Our Services

IDS Industrial can provide a full suite of services to prospective clients to ensure all aspects of the project are accounted for, planned for and managed accordingly.

IDS can provide clients with early assessments of projects, provide budgeting advice and assist with any outline engagement with stakeholders and local authorities.

We can also assist in the procurement of specialist services for decommissioning, dismantling and demolition.

We provide a tailored service to meet clients’ needs.

We can take responsibility for all pre-construction services as required within the CDM regulations to drive down project risk and provide tendering contractors with all essential information to safely demolish the structures.

We have 35 years’ in-house experience of managing complex decommissioning & demolition projects from Nuclear Sites to City Centre Demolition.

We can provide a complete engineering support function to live demolition projects, assisting clients in reviewing RAMS, providing technical advice and support, and overseeing the works to ensure safety standards are exceeded.

We have in-house experience of managing the planning and execution phases of explosive events, from City Centre blasting through to blasting within Power Stations and Oil Refineries.

IDS can engage with specialist explosive engineers and work with them to manage the process from start to finish.

Temporary works management in demolition is often overlooked. It is a fundamental aspect of any technical demolition project from pre-weakening, to propping, to explosive demolition.

Each stage of the project needs temporary work advice and management and this is something IDS can oversee and ensure that compliance with BS5975 is adhered to.

IDS can assist clients in the planning of demolition projects and provide detailed structural assessments of existing structures to assist demolition contractors in deciding on suitable methods of demolition.

The existing stability of a structure is often overlooked during demolition planning and can lead to an increased project risk, increased commercial risk and the appointment of an unsuitable contractor.

The cost to remediate land can be extensive. Early engagement with specialists can reduce commercial risk of a project greatly.

IDS can manage this engagement as part of our offering to ensure that costs are reduced wherever possible.