Our Industries

Experienced and competent demolition management

Manufacturing industries in the UK, Europe and across the world are changing at astronomical speeds. As production techniques change, energy consumption is reviewed and new markets emerge, industry is forever evolving to meet the needs of consumers.

IDS have a vast amount of experience working in the heavy industries such as steel mills, car production plants and dock yards dismantling and demolishing extremely heavy structures.

We also have experience of dismantling and in the resale of assets to emerging economies where existing equipment is essential to their growth. We work with partners who can actively market assets on behalf of clients to provide the most cost-effective end-of-life solution.

ferrybridge barge handler

The Oil & Gas industry is facing some of the biggest challenges within the industrial decommissioning and demolition arena.

Large deposits of natural resource are running dry and many onshore & offshore assets are becoming redundant. IDS can work with clients to plan and manage all aspects of their decommissioning, dismantling and demolition requirements.

We have in-house experience of managing complex Oil & Gas projects onshore as well as providing technical support for complex offshore dismantling projects in the Far East.

egypt lifting

The world is changing. As governments across the world look to greener alternatives when producing energy, many older power stations are being closed down and being replaced with more efficient, greener alternatives.

Over the last decade, Europe has seen an unprecedented closure of coal-fed power stations. IDS are experienced in technically challenging Power Station projects.

We can support clients and contractors on a wide range of support services to ensure safe delivery of the project.

Some of the Power Station projects that we have been involved with are the: Dismantling of Fire- Damaged Precipitators at Lynemouth Power Station; Dismantling of Fire-Damaged FGD Plant at Ferrybridge Power Station and the Demolition of Barking Power Station.

eggborough power station

IDS have successfully managed Petrochemical projects in the UK, Continental Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

We understand the complexities that this sector provides and can assist clients in all areas to plan and safely manage their projects. We work with many multinational clients to provide a comprehensive service and deliver the projects in a timely manner.

Projects within this sector provide different challenges depending on the production process and the chemicals that are manufactured.

Engaging with a consultancy that will review all processes and the risks within will determine the success of any deconstruction project.

Often, decommissioning and demolition projects within this sector are required to be undertaken within a live facility. This requires expert advice and guidance when planning a project, we can provide all necessary expert advice to lower risk to ongoing operations.

a demolition excavator

Pharmaceutical manufacturing offers complexities different to all other sectors. Often structures are deceptively complex and are full of hidden dangers. IDS can assist clients to reduce the risk of decommissioning and demolition projects to the ALARP levels.

Redundant pharmaceutical plants can be rich in re-sale opportunities.

IDS can review and assist in the potential resale of assets to maximise value to clients. We can do this by identifying assets with potential resale value and work with our specialist partners to market these assets on behalf of our clients.